To get the most out of goGrace, here are some suggestions:

Writing a Testimony

  1. Bold, Etc. Double-click on a word or words to make it bold, italics, etc.
  2. Red Font. Make any quotes from Scripture red.
  3. Photo, Video. Upload a photo or video by clicking on the + sign on the left hand side. Use the caption under the photo/video to provide context or the source of the media.

Publishing a Testimony

  1. Featured Image. Click on the “3 dots” next to Preview to upload a cover photo. goGrace will automatically assign a random photo (from our preselected gallery) if you forget to upload one.
  2. Category. Click on the “3 dots” next to Preview to indicate if your story is a:
    a. Salvation Testimony—when you first accepted Christ, or
    b. Personal Testimony—e.g. hardships you’ve overcome, how the Gospel has changed you, etc.
  3. Tags. Click on the “3 dots” next to Preview to enter the appropriate Tag Keywords.
    a. The Tag Keywords to a large extent capture the highlights of your testimony.
    b. Sample Tag Keywords: depression, UCLA, John 3:16, Prodigal Son, Boston, alcoholic father, Urbana

Setting Your Profile

  1. Edit Profile. As you complete your profile (Face icon in upper right > Profile > Edit), make sure to enter in as much information as you can, including your tagline, current church, etc.
  2. Spiritual Birthplace, Birthdate. This is where and when you received Christ as your Savior. Use your actual birthday, a national holiday or an estimate if you do not recall the specific date.
  3. Photo. Upload a recent photo to put a picture next to your name! We will use your photo from Facebook, Twitter or Google+ by default if you signed in through those social networks.
  4. Social Links. Enter your URLs from the social networks so readers can visit your Twitter, Facebook, or other social network page. These links appear alongside your name at the bottom of your post.

Reading a Testimony

  1. Heart. If a testimony has touched you in some way, click on the Heart icon to “like” or “recommend” it.
  2. Bookmark. Save testimonies of friends, powerful testimonies, etc. so you can read them later.
  3. Share. We strongly recommend you to share testimonies via your social networks. It may help to encourage a family member or sow a seed on a non-believer.

Still have a question on how to use goGrace? Contact us.

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